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New Functions

3 New skill items

Mine:  One group of mines can be set for three times.Warships hit by mines will get real damage to HP and leaking debuff.

Manual secondary gun

Secondary guns are automatically controlled before but now manual.Like main guns,players need to aim when using secondary guns.

Rescue system for the paralyzing

In the squad mode,the warship wont get drowned immediately when the HP reaches 0 but get breakdown for a while.When the warship is breakdown,it can be rescued by teammates and get back to fight again.

teammate get breakdown

rescuing teammate

Rookies Tutorials

The recruit drill will help rookie players get a quick know of game system and control.


Interfaces Optimization

Lobby:Optimize the layout of lobby interface to make it more pretty and more comfortable.

Battle:Optimize the layout of battle interface to make it more reasonable and clear.

Trajectory curve

Optimize the flight route of shells to make it more reasonable and realistic.And now shells wont over pierce armors that frequently like before.

Weight System

Now the weight of each ship is exactly their max weight.Players don't need to worry about storage and don’t need to worry about the ship get speed down because of overload anymore.

Scene Iteration

We optimize the effect of water by improving its transparency to make the whole sea looks more realistic; we also change the module of mountains to enhance the sense of volume;and we add some dynamic cloud to make our scene much better.

  • Island1
  • Island2
  • Seawater effect1
  • Seawater effect2

Warships Camo


  • Machine
  • Flame
  • Wall
  • Auspicious Cloud


  • Beach
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Silk Road
  • Coast


  • Gear
  • Mixture
  • Sea Rocks
  • Gluttony

Four Events

First charge reward

Introduction:Players can get great rewards by topping up any amount of money.



1、Click on “Events center” on the right upper corner of lobby to get in the event interface.

2、Click on the “Top up” on the right low corner of events center interface to top up any amount of money to get the rewards.

New Star Project

Introduction:There will be daily mission unlocked everyday in 20 days since player first login into the game.This daily mission contains 5 tasks,when player complete all these tasks they can obtain the daily rewards of that day.7 daily mission is a loop,and players can obtain 7 different rewards in one loop.



1、Click on “New Star Project” on the right upper corner of lobby to get in the event interface.

2、Complete the daily tasks and obtain the corresponding rewards.

Invite friends to win rewards

Introduction:Invite your friends with invention code.When you successfully invite a friend into the game,you can get the rewards.Besides,the more you invite,the more rewards you can receive.


Inviter Reward

Invitee reward


1、Click on “Events center” on the right upper corner of lobby to get in the event interface.

2、Inviters can copy the invention code to your friends.More friends you invite,the more rewards you can obtain.

The invited can type in the invention code in the textbox below to complete the being invited mission.

Special benefits for recruits

Introduction:Complete recruit drills to get a quick know of control and fights.recruit drill contain observation,sailing and 9 others courses.



1、There will jump out a recruit drill tip when new players log in.Just click “Go Now”to get into the recruit drill.

2、If you want to train yourself again,you can click the “Recruit Drill” on the right upper corner in mode selection interface in lobby.

3、You can get rewards the first time you complete all the recruit drill in events center.