Patch Notes 2020/04/02

2020-04-01 09:17:16
Asia: 10:00 – 16:00 (UTC+8)
Global: 3:00 – 9:00 (UTC+0)
The scheduled time for maintenance is subject to change
Feature Updates
1.The new battle map Icy Snowfield is in full swing!
Fight to the death in the world of ice and snow. Who will be the last one standing?
The Icy Snowfield, along with the island maps, will join the random list for matchmaking.

2.An all-new game mode—Munition is released
No more scavenger hunts. Instead, you will collect your munitions through combat, exploration, survival, and loots to purchase equipment, which builds up a more competitive and thrilling experience. Please feel free to give us your feedbacks and report the issues you encounter.
■ Source of munitions:
◆ Initial Reward: Initial rewards when battle begins.
◆ Natural Reward: The munitions that automatically increase over time after battle begins.
◆ First-blood Reward: Munitions rewarded to the first kill claimer in the current battle.
◆ Kill Reward: The basic rewards for getting kills (decreases as the target dies more often. Has its minimum limit. Available in revival mode)
◆ Kill Bounty: The extra bounty for killing targets. Increases as you get more kills. Has it maximum limit.
◆ Collapse Reward: Rewards for Collapsing targets.
◆ Accuracy Reward: Rewards for hitting targets based on your Medal Bars. Medal Bars include Ricochet, Not Damaged, and Too Badly Damaged, etc.
◆ Assist Reward: Rewards for Highlights and Assists. Contains a guaranteed reward.
◆ Exploration Reward: Rewards for entering other war zones.
◆ Survival Reward: Rewards for the survived players each time the storm zone stops shrinking.
◆ Airdrop Reward: When battle begins, munition supply crates are parachuted into the battlefield. Players can pick them up within range.
◆ Gifts: In team mode, munitions can be sent to teammates.
◆ Salvaging: Unneeded equipment can be dragged into the recycle section and salvaged.
■ Consumption of munitions: When battle begins, click “Tab” to open the Store menu. The selected equipment will be put in the Shopping Cart. When payment is made, the equipment will be deployed after a short delay.

3.New Profile feature
You can now view your friend’s or teammate’s personal data, including their rank and combat statistics. Of course, you can toggle the function via “Settings-Control-Personal Data.”

4. The “Assist” system
Highlighting or aiding teammates in killing will grant you “Assist” medal bars and extra points, giving you a better teamplay experience.
5. Weapons & Armor Viewer
This feature allows you to check the stats for armor and weapons in all modules to get a comprehensive view of all types of ships and develop your strategies.

6. Scout Radius Indicator
You can now check the map for the current ship’s scout radius and other information.

7. Improved the camera for Artillery Smoke Bombs; changed the mechanics of how cannon fire affects scout radius; ships are automatically equipped with white secondary batteries from the start; new Kill Cards.
8. Added an independent camera for Destroyer’s “Secondary Weapon-Artillery Smoke Bomb.”
9. In the classic mode, ships are equipped with lv.1 secondary weapons from the start by default.
10. Improved killing feedback. When killed, you can now see the killer’s Avatar, Card, and Frame.
11. Improved the mechanics of “how cannon fire affects scout radius.” After firing, scout radius is now same as your main battery range.
For any bug reports or suggestions, please join our QQ group 715186968. You can also leave your remarks in the comment section. We’ll give you feedbacks as soon as possible. Thank you for your warm support.
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