Server room upgrade, game engine upgrade and version content update notice

2020-01-14 11:03:30
Update Time:
Asian Server: 2020/01/10 18:00 – 2020/01/15 18:00
International Server: 2020/01/10 10:00 – 2020/01/15 10:00
New addition
1、  New additions of destroyer and cruiser. They have more suitable secondary weapons now. Destroyer has the Gun Fired Smoke Grenade and Cruisor has the Sonar.
Destroyer secondary weapon – gun fired smoke grenade
After filling, switch ‘2’ active use, the target area to fire smoke grenade and generate a circular smoke area. Its smoke function is the same as the current version.

Cruisor secondary weapon – sonar
After filling, click ‘2’ to use directly and after use continued for a period of time to enhance the Cruiser's mandatory detection range and torpedo detection range.
2、 The warship's weapon has a different number of slots depending on its quality, which can be acquired on the sea for installing and further enhance the weapon's propertied.
The number of slots is associated with weapon quality. The current version has a maximum of 2 slots.
The current version has 5 equipment with different attributes.
The main gun, torpedo-launching weapon and secondary weapon (currently only the secondary weapon of Battleship can be installed. After that it will be added for Cruiser and Destroyer)
3、 There will be new types of player costumes in the game - business cards, business card frames and matchup avatars. They not only provide a more personal match for the player, but also trigger a battlefield display in battle based on specific conditions.
The modified entrance to the avatar, business card, and business card frame is no longer in the Dress Up interface, but in the Profile.
There are several scenarios in which the business card and business card frame will appear in current version of, respectively are:
Right-click menu in group module.
The death follow screen shows the Settings for following players.
Triggered by condition: first drop of blood (player who struck the first kill in this battle); no one can stop (ill several enemies in a row); unique kill several enemies in progress); finalization (kill a player with serial kills); revenge (killing the player who struck you). The current version will not trigger ‘revenge’.
4、 The new warship dress type is deck decal. It is a new decal on the rear deck of the warship. There are all kinds of decals for players to choose to dress up, position in the rear of the warship.
5、 In order to provide a more convenient way for players to communicate with each other in battle, a whole new battle marking system has been added to the battle. Now enter the combat experience with friends.
In the scene, the instruction ring is exhaled directly through the middle mouse button to mark the target or no.
In the big map, the instruction ring is exhaled directly through the middle mouse button to mark the target or no.
Request space equipment in the backpack.
The target that has already been marked can be unmarked with the middle mouse button again.
6、 The dress up random equipment feature is intended for players with difficulties to choose. And it will be in your costume library, you can random selection of equipment at the start of each battle.
7、 Now warship camo, painting, aft flag and deck decal these 3 types of dress up in the mall, military rank and other interfaces have been supported to try-through preview.
8、 We have added a separate band trigger a "paralyzed" (near-death) attack.
9、 After this update, in addition to torpedo hits that can trigger water with probability, the use of the main gun caused by the same probability of overwear triggered into the water. When it causes an overpass and the outlet on the other side is below the waterline, it is possible to trigger water inflow.
10、 Resetting of detection mechanism, including detection distance, detection distance and communication range. The importance of warship detection in combat has increased dramatically.
11、 Water trigger reduces the ship's movement speed by an additional amount, while increasing the water points of Battleships and Cruisers to 2. The Destroyer remains unchanged.
12、 The probability of damage (unworkable) of warship accessories (propellers, engine compartments, engines, weapons, etc.) will increase depending on the amount of blood remaining for the equipment.
13、 At the top of the detailed weekly missions interface, there is a new entry point for jumping to other weekly missions quickly.
14、 After looking for a team, it is no longer needs to form a full team before entering the same scene, and support a single team member into the team in turn.
15、 When no new messages appear in the chat message box for several times, the chat background is hidden until a new messages appears.
16、 Hitting the warship's bullet holes is more realistic and closely related to the warship's surface.
17、 To facilitate tactical marking, we have added a sea surface icon representation for the drop boxes dropped by system airdrops and tactical skill airdrops.
18、 In the warship equipment interface, in order to facilitate the player to locate the current operating area, we added the Nearby and Backpack operation hot zone tips. They are be with the outer box highlighted in white.
19、 Added a Simple and Complete design to the display of friendly and enemy warship information in combat. They can be selected in the Setting interface.
20、 Add a hint ‘Recommended to switch single mode’ when it is too long to match in group mode.
21、 In the battle in the Nearby and Backspace interface, we added action tips on its tips for the equipment.
22、 Iterating on the interface, including post-death follow, warship dress interface, more interface, mode selection and mailbox.
23、 Decals on warship's bow, warship tail decal and smoke bomb special effect are removed from the shelf. Players who have already received this part of the costume compensated for returning the appropriate amount of gold coins and permanently dressing up, as well as other items will be available accordingly. Players go online and pop up items directly to get the prompt.
24、 The Commanding Voice in the Ship Costume is removed. The existing voice in the version is placed in the Settings-Language interface and available to all players.

Routine maintenance note on January 7th

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