Routine maintenance&update note on October 22th

2019-10-22 09:40:29
Maintenance time
Asian Server: 14:00 - 16:00 (UTC+8)
International Server: 7:00 - 9:00 (UTC+1)
Given the circumstances,the specific time may be changed.
1.Add the function of switching game language in the server selection interface.
2.Pick up battle props according to the remaining load of the tank.
3.The poison circle on M map has been optimized from the circle line to the color overlay.
4.Stuck has been optimized for players choosing the ‘one key to get’ for missions and challenge rewards in the lobby.
5.Optimize background dynamics for the ‘Starting’ button in the lobby.
6.Updated the icon of cruiser camo ‘war revolution’ displayed in the store.
7.Optimize the system bombing in the sea area circle and is smoother now.
8.Fix the BUG of ‘driving cruiser for more than 120km’ numerical accumulation showing errors in ‘daily mission’.
9.Fix a BUG that when a player enters a teammate's near-death rescue zone, a warning will be given that a rescue is possible.
10.Fixed a BUG with the icon of stern flag – Northland Howl is not matching actual resources.
11.Fix a BUG where the chat box and ESC could not pop up when clicking on the ‘ranking’ and returning to the lobby.
12.Fix a BUG where the warship was temporarily silent while the engine sound loop was playing.
13.Fix the BUG of Chinese in English of main shell special effect - magma gun.
14.Fix a BUG where the ESC could not close the exchange CDK interface.
15.Fix a BUG where the 'View personal information' option in the right-click interaction menu was missing.
16.Fix a BUG about the mismatch between the actual number of torpedoes in the backpack and the number displayed on the interface.
If there are any BUGs or suggestions, please feel free to discuss in the STEAM discussion board. And you could send an email ( to us. Thanks for your support.
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