Routine maintenance&update note on August 27th

2019-08-26 16:58:20
Maintenance time
Asian Server: 14:00 - 18:00 (UTC+8)
International Server: 7:00 - 11:00 (UTC+1)
Given the circumstances,the specific time may be changed.
1、Now there will be tips to tell whether you are getting into the battlefields or lobby during loading.
2、Now players can receive all the rewards from daily&weekly missions by clicking the “ Claim All Rewards”  button.
3、Changing of rules for weekly shop refreshing:now there will be 3 paintings refreshed for each
type of ships.
4、Reduce the possibility that warships get boxed into islands.
5、Now the flight routes of skill items “Call for airdrops” will start from the point nearest to players.
6、Fix the bug that effects of smoke bomb will be cut by water.
7、Fix the bug that the drop point will get abnormal if the shell get beyond the range.
8、Fix the bug that players cant see smoke and torpedoes launched by ships beyond range of vision although they have got within later.
If there are any BUGs or suggestions, please feel free to discuss in the STEAM discussion board. And you could send an email ( to us. Thanks for your support.
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