Update Notice of 9 July

2019-07-08 09:11:40
Maintenance time
Asian Server: 14:00 - 16:00 (UTC+8)
International Server: 7:00 - 9:00 (UTC+1)
Given the circumstances,the specific time may be changed.
1,Added Combat Level help. It is in the form of graphics and text around the game functions and players may have questions to explain.
2,Added F1 help. It is in the form of graphics and text in the hall and combat to help players learn the basic operation of the battle.
3,Optimized a problem that the ship's weapon does not match the damage model after being hit by collision.
4,Optimized the torpedo preview line. As soon as the target is lit up and its name is displayed, a preview line appears.
5,Optimized an issue of the torpedo will continue to move forward after hitting the target.
6,Added the function of deleting single email.
7,Optimized the English interface display of emails.
8,"Warning Red Light" will appear when the hull enters seawater.
9,Re-display the power bar in the ship status module and the display of amour durability has been changed.
If there are any BUGs or suggestions, please feel free to discuss in the STEAM discussion board. And you could send an email (kefu@brahmagame.com) to us. Thanks for your support.
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Customer Service
Emai: kefu@brahmagame.com

Update Notice of 2 July

Routine maintenance&update note on July 16th