Update Notice of 21 May

2019-05-20 15:02:25
Maintenance time:
Asia 14:00 – 16:00BJT
International 7:00 – 9:00 GMT
1.UI Resource Update
Adjusted the display position of the small and medium-sized map in the interface, and beautified the UI effect of information prompt of small maps
Updated the font, beautified the UI effect of the ruler, and optimized the UI effect of the battlefield data
Optimized the battle interface UI, font and performance
Optimized the UI effect of big map, added the zooming mechanism of big map, and updated the prompt of big map resource area
Optimized UI display from the perspective of viewing
2.Operational Related Optimization
Enhance the experience of consumables, increase the consumable field from 1 to 4 (hotkey 4567), and the subsequent version will continue to be optimized. The skill bar will be changed from hotkey 5 to hotkey H.
The weapon module will be separated from consumables and will have a separate operational area. The main gun and torpedo will be switched by hotkey 1 and hotkey 3 respectively, while we have optimized the operation of switching AP/HE at the same time. Players will be able to use hotkey F to pre-switch (click), cancel pre-switching (click again) and immediately switch (double-click).
When players switch to the torpedo, the hotkey f is the function of switching the torpedo spread.
The position of the indicator for the left and right rudder of the ship will also be moved to a position closer to the forward and backward. So that players can have a better understanding of the current ship's movement.
The specific value of the previous version of armor was hidden on the item icon. We decided to show it. However, the hiding of the energy tank caused some problems in the use of energy items. We will optimize in a later version.
3.Other Related Optimized
Optimized the popover of failed recharge and added the message prompt of successful recharge
Optimized the status information display of the players in the lobby
Optimization and update of Multilanguage text
Confirm that the default torpedo initial state is scattering
If there are any bugs, comments or suggestions during the game, you could join our official QQ group (702352886) for feedback. Thanks for your support.

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