Update Notice of 23 April

2019-04-22 09:36:08
Maintenance time: 
Asia 14:00 – 16:00BJT
International 7:00 – 9:00 GMT


1. Optimization of AP&HE shells:
Optimize the hit judgement of HE&AP shells.
Optimize the damage algorithm of AP shells:now the AP shells will not cause damage if they just hit the parts of the warships.
Optimize the feedback display of being hit by shells.
2. Optimization of  the location of battleships’ core:
Reduce the height of armors core area.
Reduce the height of guns core area.
Raise the height of sea level to make the sea fit the ship better.
3. Some other optimization
Fix the bug that“SKⅢ52-406 gun(orange)” will deform when it moves up and down.
Correct the miss of area’s name in the big map:”Conon Islands” changed to “Silent Sea”.
Fix the bug that the camera will still switch to the shells tracking camera by pressing “Z” although players have stopped the camera once.
Fix the bug that the torpedoes tracking camera can still be in use for quite a few time after torpedoes being destroyed when they are out of range.
Fix the bug that the torpedoes tracking camera cant be stopped soon after torpedoes crash on islands.
Fix the bug that exp. Up buff doesn’t appear when the settlement interface.
Optimize the switch between Chinese and English.
Optimize some traditional Chinese translations.
Optimize the initial setup of volume in the login interface.

If there are any bugs, comments or suggestions during the game, you could join our official QQ group (702352886) for feedback. Thanks for your support.

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