Update Notice of 16 April

2019-04-12 18:11:30
Maintenance time: 
Asia 14:00 – 16:00BJT
International 7:00 – 9:00 GMT


1. Press Z to switch on/off the ballistic tracking.Press C to change ballistic you see under the tracking perspective.
 2.Optimization of option
Add a switch of screen shake.This function defaults to be on.
Fix the bug of abnormal UI typesetting under 16:10 screen resolution.
Add the Traditional Chinese option.
 3. Some balance adjustment to repair items and consumables items.
     Zulu flag:”reduce 10 seconds to consumables items’ CD” change to “reduce consumables items’ CD by 10%”
 Primary postwar repairing system:CD increased from 20s to 25s
Intermediate postwar repairing system:CD increased from 30s to 40s
 4.Optimization of weekly missions
Fix the bug that the daily task“All slots of the warship have been armed” cant be completed.
Optimize the daily&weekly tasks text.If the text is too long,it will roll now.
Fix the bug of weekly task “cause damage to the warship in smoke”.Now players cant complete this task by using smoke bomb in the poison area.
 5.Optimization of reconnecting
Shorten the time players stay in the loading interface while they reconnect to the game.
Change the text of failing to reconnect to the game:”Fail to enter the field,please
match again”.
Now players cant enter the game anymore when they reconnect after the game ending.They will go straight back to the hall.
Fix the bug that buff icons disappear when players reconnect to the game during
 6.Some other optimization
Optimize the order of weapons in the bag interface.
Quicken the response speed of some instructions like“Quit the game”.
Fix the bug that illumination may lost in some scenes.
Fix the bug that players cant watch other players after death.
“Role name” and “User name” are both changed to “Nickname”
No more UI will appear when you press SHIFT on the item whose quantity is 1.
Fix the bug that combat bands will keep appearing if the warship keep attacking.Now the number of bands will increase. 

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