recruit drill guidance

2019-09-19 14:20:43
1、There will come a guidance page of “Recruit Drill” when a new account first login in the game.Click the “Go Now” to jump to the recruit drill screen.

2、Click the “Later” to close the “Recruit Drill” page.If you want to enter recruit drill later,you need to click the “Single Mode” on the left upper corner of lobby first,

then click the “Recruit Drill” on the new page to jump to the “Recruit Drill” screen.

3、Players can obtain Refight's Fourth Naval Corps Flag when first complete all the recruit drill courses.

4、recruit drill steps
Use your mouse to control the crosshair.
Aims the mark in screen.

②warships moving
Press “W”,”A”,”S”,”D” on your keyboard to control your ship’s direction and sail your ship into the green area.

③shooting the stationary target
Aims the stationary ship,left click your mouse to fire and defeat it.

④shooting the moving target
Press “shift” to swift to accurate aiming.Calculate the appropriate point you should fire at by predicting your enemy’s movement and defeat it.

Approach items,then press “T” to pick them up or press “TAB” to open your bag and drag items from neighbor into your inventory.

⑥torpedoes launching
collect torpedoes and its launcher
swift your weapon to torpedoes launcher and aims
Press “X” to lock on target.Then there will be a white route,the calculated target route, on your screen.When the green route,the torpedoes shooting route,coincides with the white route,launch your torpedoes.

⑦rescue the paralyzing
get within the available range for rescuing your teammates
aims your teammates and press “Y” to rescue them

⑧blizzard&safety area
Press “M” to open your map.Area inside the white circle is safety area,while the area beyond the blue circle is blizzard area.Please move within the white circle to get rid from the blizzard.

⑨actual acting
Use all technics you’ve learned to defeat your enemy.


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