Refight:The Last Warship land on STEAM today

2019-03-15 14:56:18
Refight:The Last Warship is a 3D tactical competitive warship survival TPS game.With the UE4 engine,it builds a huge sand box to provide players a realistic battlefield.
Refight:The Last Warship  will land on STEAM to start early access today.Here
Is the way to download.
1.Download STEAM first and then register an your account.
2.Search the word“refight”here,click the second one to enter the shop page of Refight:The Last Warship ,and then you can download our game.
Or you can just click this address: to enter the shop page.
3.Once the client fully download,players don’t need to register any new account but can play the game just with STEAM account.
Early access bonus
We prepare an early access gift pack for players.
Gift pack
vikings stamps for ship’s bow and tail.
Pack address:
How to exchang:
Login Refight:The Last Warship,click “CD KEY exchange center”at the upper right corner in home page,and then you can exchange the gift pack.
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