Refight:The Last Warship land on steam at 3.15

2019-03-05 17:26:35
We are glad to announce that  Refight:The Last Warship is going to land on Steam on 3.15.Our game will formally meet you at that time and the fights in the lost sea will start again!
You,my captain,can search Refight:The Last Warship  on steam to enter the store page.Once the game client released on 3.15,you can download it free and then login with your steam account.

Steam store page:
Refight:The Last Warship is a 3D tactical competitive warship survival TPS game.With the UE4 engine,it builds a huge sand box to provide players a realistic battlefield.

       If you find any bugs or suggestions,please join our QQ group to tell us.Thanks for your support.

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Vertical launch system of ship-to-ship tracking missile

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