Vertical launch system of ship-to-ship tracking missile

2019-01-15 09:45:22
Vertical launch system
Vertical launch system,also called ship-to-ship tracking missile,is a missile system aiming at warships,able to accurately track and bound to hit in theory.
Weapon configuration
Tracking missiles can’t be equipped together with torpedoes cause they share the same slot.The other main weapons are familiar to with it.
Tracking missiles launching tube need unique shells to launch.
Effective range
Vertical launch’s effective range is between beyond range area and range faded area.When targets stay in both of these two areas,they can’t be locked.
Attack process
Equip vertical launch,then choose tactical weapon.Vertical launch share same slot with torpedoes,so players should switch the warship into vertical launch-ready state.Then the front sight will change into vertical launch special sight.When the outer frame and the sight all turn green,players can launch the missiles.
Red frame,gray sight=lack of shells,can’t fire
Orange frame,gray sight=loading
Green frame,gray sight=no target
Green frame,red sight=beyond range
Green frame,orange sight=being locked
Green frame,green sight=lock down,can fire
If multiple targets appear in sight,warship will lock down the nearest one.Because vertical launch can fire in all angles and it don't need to revolve the barrel when firing,so its front sight always stay in the center of vision,not like other weapon groups,which can only shoot while front sights overlap.

Vertical launch system is extremely powerful in 《Refight:The Last Warship》.It can now only be found in airdrops .So if players want it,they need to fight for it.

Development note:load system will balance the tactical reserve

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