Refight:The Last Warship PS4 operation instructions

2019-01-14 13:38:10
It will log in the PS4 platform, and the key and mouse operation keys in the PS4  version are described as follows:
←  [click] select AP
←  [click] after firing, the next round reloads the AP
←  [double-click] immediately load the AP
↑    [click] choose a torpedo 
↑    [click] firing spread switch
→  [click] select HE
→  [click] after firing, the next round reloads the HE
→  [double-click] immediately load the HE
↓    [click] consumables used
☐   [click] locate target
△+〇  [click] shut down anti - air weapons and secondary weapon automatic attack
△   [click] pick up items on the sea
〇 [click] equip items on the sea
L   [push] ships move
L3 [click] zoom in
L1 [hold on] item ring
L2 [hold on] naval gun shot
R  [push] mobile location
R3[click] zoom out
R1+R [push] free around
R1+L [push] lock port-side/starboard
touch tablet [click] tactical map
touch tablet [hold on] chat
[click] equipment interface

Refight:The Last Warship PC operation instructions

Development note:load system will balance the tactical reserve