Refight:The Last Warship PC operation instructions

2019-01-14 13:25:08
It will log in the PC platform, and the key and mouse operation keys in the PC version are described as follows:
1: [click] selects AP, and the next round loads AP
    [double-click] immediately switches from HE and starts loading the AP
2: [click] selects HE, and the next round loads HE
    [double-click] immediately switches from AP and starts loading the HE
3: [click]choose a torpedo 
4: [click]use the selected item
5: [click] display item ring
TAB: display character bar (nearby items)
W: accelerate
A: left rudder
S: slow down
D: right rudder
Q: lock the starboard 
E: Lock the port-side
T:  manual picking
P: shut down anti - air weapons and sub - gun group automatic attacks
Shift: naval gun shot
X:  locate target
M:  tactical map

left mouse button: use the current weapon for shooting
right mouse button: switch free perspective
mouse wheel: zoom in/zoom out

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