The Iron Chancellor — Battleship Detailed Explanation

2019-03-15 11:00:57
Battleship Type Introduction
The Iron Chancellor is the largest and most technologically advanced battleship in the game. It has super-strong main gun firepower and extremely heavy armor. It also has appropriate maneuverability. It is in a dominant position in the frontal battle, and the target will be hit hard within its attack range.
Armor Structure, Blood Volume
Battleship (Initial)

Blood Volume: 66000
Survival: 80
Maneuver: 37
Artillery: 87
Tactical weapon: 23
Antiaircraft armament: 57

When the war was opened and the warship had just left the channel, the battleship had an overwhelming advantage in blood volume and firepower. In the initial stage, it is not mobile enough. All warships can only rely on initial rations for combat without material support. At this point, the battleship's firepower is enough to cause fatal damage to a warship. And its own blood volume, armor advantage can guarantee their effective survival.

Battleship (Complete)
Blood Volume: 66000
Survival: 95
Maneuver: 45
Artillery: 95
Tactical weapon: 48
Antiaircraft armament: 68

When the battle entered the state of stalemate, all kinds of materials were complete, and the battleship had the strongest main gun firepower. Its one round of volley could cause huge damage to the enemy. The battleship's torpedoes and automatic artillery will provide timely support.

The blood of the battleship will not change with the battle. But its high blood volume is effective when using recovery items. The advantages of the battleship have always existed throughout the battle. The remaining warships will cause effective damage to the battleship due to firepower, so it is necessary to bring additional armor plates, especially fireproof armor plates to reduce the chance of fire. This is not only to avoid unnecessary loss, but also to better improve their survival.
The weakness of the battleship is mobility. In combat, evading gunfire torpedoes, avoiding storm circles and competing for maritime resources are all closely related to maneuvering. Therefore, it is very necessary to find a turbocharger. Strong firepower and excellent life armor with proper mobility can put yourself in a dominant position and win.

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