【Emperor】cruiser’s details

2019-03-13 10:44:07

Warships type

Emperor cruiser is a heavy cruiser of the kingdom.It has many victories,including defeating the royal navy from the Allies.The Emperor is a fierce hunter on the sea,it has thicker armors and more firepower than normal battle ships,and has higher speed than normal cruisers.

Armors and HP

Tactics weapons:25
To air-weapons:57
In initial state(when the ship just left the channel in the very start of the fight),cruisers’ fire power stay between battle ships&destroyers,but it has high firing rate,which.However because of the low dph and lack of bullets,cruisers will find it hard to defeat battle ships but easy enough to crash destroyers.Besides,cruisers can gather supplies soon with its high speed&acceleration.  
To-air weapons:70
As the fight goes through the early stage,the advantages of cruisers will stand out when ships have obtained enough supplies.Cruisers firepower will improve significantly.And with its high shooting rate and enough bullets,cruisers can keep on firing by using HE bullets to make targets burned.Gun’ damage joined with burning damage will be quite considerable.
Cruisers has high shooting rate,which is especially suitable for dealing with destroyers’ great mobility.

When fighting with battle ships,cruisers’ good mobility can make it avoiding from guns and torpedoes.Battle ships’ shooting rate is low,so every time cruisers dodge successfully,it can shoot lots of bullets during battle ships’ CD,which is to say that you have more chances to make battle ships burned in order to build advantages in HP gradually.
Cruisers’ mobility and fire are both great,so it is capable to doge torpedoes,to escape from storm,to fight for supplies and to dogfight.
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